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Governance Model

Governance Model

An integral part of the design of Soaring with Roche is the commitment by everyone involved to hold ourselves accountable to purposeful governance that emphasizes our values and principles.

The governance structure will be made up of the following key groups.

Governance Board

The Governance Board will interact and provide oversight of the broader governance structure. Program governance is divided into two main committees and supported by external partners. Roles and responsibilities are defined in addition to the expected engagement between each group. 

The Governance Board is composed of nine members with representation from community and/or expertise in systemic change, health systems, policy shaping, future relevant trends and innovations, purpose driven private sector innovation, and other relevant areas.  

The Governance Board is the primary decision-making function for the program. The governance framework will steer innovation across the five challenge areas, ensuring we are moving the needle towards reaching our moonshot goals and success metrics are achieved.


  • Adopt and adhere to Soaring with Roche principles
  • Approve and oversee the relevant long-term strategy for Soaring with Roche (including governance framework of the open innovation program)
  • Provide suggestions to the operational committee open challenges and relevant partnerships
  • Guide validation of challenge areas for policy shaping and solutions 
  • Ensure accountability with the operational committee on quality, commitment and excellence
  • Act as final decision-maker on challenge participants, challenge roadmaps, and pilot roadmaps

Operational Committee

As the primary program operator and designer, the Operational Committee is accountable for program implementation and communications. The Committee will seek advice from the community, including expert advisors from within the community.


  • Adopt and adhere to Soaring with Roche principles
  • Manage the integration and collaboration of key stakeholders – regularly reporting progress to Governance Board
  • Design and launch pilots, partnerships, and relevant communications, including pilot roadmaps
  • Ensure consistent and effective exchange of key learnings and information across regional teams 
  • Manage and grow community engagement and use of community platform 
  • Ensure pilots being presented to the Governance Board are well thought out and have a roadmap attached to them. 
  • Provide oversight and support to challenge participants and partners 
  • Measure and ensure that meaningful and inclusive progress is being made
  • Define, develop and implement the innovation framework against which challenge progress will be measured

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