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Data Sharing

Data Sharing

We will strive to enable a single point of access to data for people

  • WHAT IF you only had to tell your story once when you entered the healthcare system?
  • WHAT IF data could unlock innovation that could save the life of someone you love?
  • WHAT IF you could create more equitable access to data for people to benefit from? 
  • WHAT IF you could move from sharing your data out of fear, to sharing your data to do good?

Health data is critical for delivering insights on how to make the best informed health decisions for all people living in Canada. 

Data is information. Health data is also known as Personal Health Information (PHI). PHI is “identifying information” about an individual’s health or health care history. This can include information about your health condition(s), treatment, health card number, medications that you may be taking, and so much more. To learn more about the importance of health data please take a look at

Currently, the fragmented health data system from province to province and in the Territories has yet to realize its full potential within the healthcare journey. All people living in Canada will benefit greatly if health care professionals have access to our most complete health picture, so that they can provide us with the best level of care.

We need to realize, adopt and implement innovative ways data is stored, shared and accessed. What if no matter where you need to access care, from walk-in clinics and doctor’s offices to hospitals and long-term care homes, anywhere in Canada, your data would be waiting for you? 

Informed healthcare decisions and improved outcomes can be better measured with data. There is an ongoing need to focus on modernized privacy regulations and the removal of barriers to allow access to integrated and reliable data. Targeted investments in infrastructure will assist with working towards improved health and social outcomes.

Health data is a powerful tool that can be used to inform healthcare decisions and achieve improved health outcomes.

Soaring with Roche aims to empower people to share their data safely and securely as an active contributor to a data driven health care system. This will lead to more personalized care as both patients and healthcare professionals will make better decisions together.

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