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Challenge Areas

Challenge Areas Overview

Real change happens when different voices, skills, and ideas collide, focusing creative energy towards the achievement of common goals. We are solving health and healthcare problems with our communities, for our communities.

Eighty-two individuals participated in early 2021 in an online community engagement program to offer their suggestions on the biggest challenges facing healthcare, and to highlight potential opportunities for how to tackle these challenges.

Participants included strategic health and innovation partners, stakeholder groups and the people who are impacted everyday by the health system – Canadians at large. The community identified the five key challenge areas described in detail below.

These areas are not surprising, nor are they new, and yet, they haven’t been solved yet. This is why the Soaring with Roche initiative was born.

It is clear that challenges of this size and scope are too big to be solved in silos. No organization, government or health team has had success on their own, so what about if we bring people together, to collaborate?

Soaring with Roche is committed to working within an open innovation framework, meaning working collaboratively with experts as well as members from the community that will be served. Pilot programs will begin in the Spring/Summer and will offer insights and signals that will inform the building blocks needed to solve the five health challenges over time.

Our commitment, the vision and support needs those with passion and interest. Please stay connected through the Soaring with Roche newsletter where we will announce all of the opportunities for engagement and consultation.

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