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Aging Powerfully

Aging Powerfully

We will strive to reduce or prevent the decline in health historically associated with aging.

  • WHAT IF you didn’t fear growing older?
  • WHAT IF you had access to devices and technology that detected clues in your body that could predict disease earlier?
  • WHAT IF you could make the same informed choices at age 80 you could make at 50, and always be in control of your own destiny?
  • WHAT IF you had the tools to better prepare yourself and others for the decision making processes that one goes through with aging?

Aging powerfully is not just about growing old; it’s about enabling people to be healthier with age, and to improve the quality of their lives, which will equally have a positive impact on reducing the burden of illness on the healthcare system.  

The amount of ‘health’ spending on individuals continues to be predominately high in the weeks before a person’s death. Not only does this create hardship for families and patients, but the cost burden on Canada’s healthcare system continues to rise to accommodate an increasing number of seniors. Research from the Fraser Institute shows that the share of Canada’s population over the age of 65 is projected to increase to 25.6% by 2068 (from 18% in 2020) due to a lower population growth rate coupled with increasing life expectancy. 

This burden is perpetuated by a lack of action towards healthy and active lifestyles as it relates to longevity; a lack of relevant and accessible resources to take ownership of the aging process, causing stress and concern; a disproportionate investment in end-of-life care rather than preventative care; and a lack of available options supporting empowered aging. 

Soaring with Roche is fundamentally driven to enable Canadians – of all ages – to age powerfully.  

The need to reduce the strain of aging on health is broad in its impact and not only includes the senior population but also expands to many younger demographics. 

For example, one in seven Canadian children live in poverty. Children being born into poverty can be directly linked to an increased risk of low birth weight, asthma, malnutrition, type 2 diabetes and poor oral health,1 demonstrating that these kids start their lives at a disadvantage compared to others. It is also recognized that certain populations and communities are greatly impacted by poor health.

We believe empowering people of all ages to live healthier lives will not only reduce health-related issues of aging but will also create better economic health for the system at large. 

Let’s work to leverage data and technology that can better predict disease allowing for preventative measures to be used early and efficiently. We believe that the benefit of preventative care and the need to establish better healthcare management options at every age is essential. 

The initial Aging Powerfully pilots will focus on five key areas: 

  • Aging in Place 
  • Polypharmacy 
  • Social Media and Mental Health 
  • Disease Prevention 
  • Disease Diagnosis 

Stay connected through the newsletter to learn more about how you can be a part of the pilots as they are planned and launched.

1. Canada’s Aging Population and Long-Term Projections for Federal Finances (]

Stay Connected

Effective September 20, 2022, the Soaring with Roche program has been closed. 


At Roche, we believe collaboration is critical to tackling the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. But we acknowledge there are times when others may be better positioned to champion or lead the initiatives that we, too, believe in. We also recognize that we need to channel both our human and financial resources to where they will have the greatest impact.

We are grateful for the partnerships we’ve formed through the Soaring with Roche program as well as all we have learned. We carry those learnings forward to other projects and remain inspired by the community’s commitment to better healthcare and to a system that is ready for the innovation of the future. Roche Canada’s commitment to the future of healthcare does not waver – it is being redirected. 


Thank you for your interest. We are eager to continue our work together through other projects and opportunities.