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Connecting diverse
communities to create for a better health experience.

Real change happens when diverse voices, skills and ideas collide, focusing creative energy and collective passion towards a healthier future for all.


At this pivotal moment, Soaring with Roche is working to elevate healthcare through inclusive dialogue and meaningful action.

Open innovation and technology now allow us to solve previously impossible problems.


Health systems are overwhelmed with providing care for the ill, imagine what could be achieved by exploring the prevention of illness altogether. 

By elevating and redefining healthcare, looking holistically at health and health systems, and taking a more equitable, human-centered approach, Soaring with Roche believes collaboration is key to moving great ideas forward. 


Soaring with Roche is a purpose-driven, innovative, and collaborative program.

Where diverse partners work collaboratively to address five important, community-sourced challenges.

Challenge Areas

Aging Powerfully

Enable people to be healthier with age, improving the quality of their lives, so that we can reduce the burden of illness on the health system.

Health Justice

Ensure everybody has an equal opportunity to be as healthy as possible, because healthcare is a fundamental human right and should not be based on where you live or who you are.

Waiting for Healthcare

Reimagine an optimized health system that reduces detrimental waiting periods for patients.

Health Literacy

Embed health literacy as an essential life skill so that people can take control of their health and become active members of a healthier community.

Data Sharing

Enable people to share their data safely and securely so that they can benefit from, and contribute to, a data-driven health system where patients and healthcare professionals make better decisions together.

And we’re just
getting started…

Join the Soaring with Roche community to help shape the future of healthcare.