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Imagine a better health future for you, and a better health future for all.

Make your voice heard with
Soaring with Roche

Real change happens when diverse voices, skills and ideas collide, focusing creative energy and collective passion towards a healthier future for all.

For Soaring with Roche, real change is only possible with meaningful participation from, and collaboration with, our communities. That’s why we brought together diverse minds to discuss the key challenges in the health spaces.

Our Progress

Soaring with Roche is taking off as a purpose-driven, innovative and collaborative movement. Together, we will tackle the biggest challenges with the greatest opportunities to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of everyone living in Canada.

It is going to take the power of engaged and active individuals and  organizations coming together with the goal of health innovation. Everyone is welcome on this journey. 

Where we've been

  • Formation of Soaring with Roche team
  • Ideation sessions with community members to discuss and identify key challenge areas
  • Foundational partnership with OCAD U CO

Current activity

  • Formation of Soaring with Roche Governance Board
  • Development of Open Innovation framework to guide pilots in each challenge area
  • Growth of partnerships

Next stage

  • Launch of Soaring with Roche community forum, an online space for everyone who wants to participate in building the future of health for themselves, and for their communities
  • Open call for partnerships
  • Launch of challenge area pilot projects

Challenge Areas

We believe that to solve health problems within our communities, we need to engage with the community.

Each challenge area has been identified by the community for its potential in providing a more equitable and human-centred approach to health and healthcare. Knowing that each area is interconnected and feeds into one another, Soaring with Roche succeeds when they all succeed.

Stay Connected

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